Areas Of Practice

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There are increasing expectations for companies to demonstrate social and environmental performance in the midst of evolving international standards. This requires engaging meaningfully and effectively with communities and stakeholders using professional methodology and tools. We help communities and companies to collaborate, negotiate, to prevent and resolve disputes towards strengthened relationships, sustainable agreements and jointly realizing benefits from development.

Our community-corporate engagement services include:

  • Assessment of conflict issues
  • Negotiating agreements
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Grievance mechanism design
  • Participatory social and environmental monitoring
  • Community agreement making
  • Customized training for companies, communities or government agencies
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Development projects can create tension and conflict when environments, communities and economies are transformed. Concerns about stewardship of land, water and resources for future generations can collide with development initiatives to grow the economy. Communities, Indigenous peoples, companies and governments face critical decisions about energy, resource extraction, land use and development. Communities expect to participate and have an active role in decision-making. On complex issues, we work with government, companies and communities in determining a joint path forward. Our professional methodology and tools help all parties establish a constructive approach throughout the project cycle, recognizing both challenges and opportunities.

Our services include:

  • Facilitation of policy dialogues for a wide range of parties – both internal dialogues and public dialogues
  • Support and facilitation for decision making on benefit sharing
  • Customized training for companies, communities and government agencies on approaches to dialogue, negotiation, issue mapping and other topics
  • Grievance mechanisms

We navigate policy questions alongside regulatory and legal frameworks, political dynamics, and technical information at the local, territorial, provincial, national and international levels.

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Social, health and education policies and programs affect communities in a direct way, shaping quality of life and well-being for the next generation. We have worked on a number of collaborative processes addressing difficult challenges, and finding opportunities for joint solutions in the social, education and health policy arenas. Whether it is helping health authorities to negotiate and exchange information effectively to better collaborate on the delivery of services, enabling education policy makers to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of a new curriculum with students, or designing and facilitating leadership training for young women in developing communities, we use strong process skills, and prioritize participation and capacity building for those we are working with in seeking sustainable solutions.

We’ve facilitated collaboration in:

  • Education policy and programs
  • Health programs
  • Community development initiatives

Our Services include:

  • Participatory social monitoring systems
  • Stakeholder engagement and dialogue processes
  • Mediation and facilitation
  • Customized training and course development
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We believe sport and physical activity is a powerful way to not only improve health and well-being, but to bridge differences. However, the sport sector also faces its challenges. Young women participate through their teen years at much lower levels than young men. For this reason, we developed and facilitated leadership development training for young women involved in sports organizations to increase their capacity to make a difference within their communities and organizations.

When disputes arise, sports organizations, often made up of dedicated volunteers with technical sport skills, can lack capacity for resolving disputes in alignment with good practices. For years, we have provided mediation and arbitration services to the sport sector in Canada. We participate in dispute resolution panels to resolve complaints from parties in Canadian sport organizations.

Our work aims to raise the capacity of sports organizations to better prevent and resolve conflict.

Our Sport services include:

  • Course development and training
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Assessment and design of dispute resolution process