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Build skills interactively

About our Training & Course Development Services

Is your organization looking for training on mediation, dispute resolution, or a particular topic related to company-community engagement? Would you like to develop strategies and skills in preparation for negotiations? Are you seeking coaching to help develop individual competencies for building consensus on difficult issues?

We create customized and interactive training workshops and courses for a range of organizations, including government agencies, businesses, parliamentarians, students, community development practitioners, and for fellow mediators in Canada and abroad. We have developed training sessions for delivery in person and online.

We help build skills through customized trainings on negotiations, mediation, facilitation and other topics, which include role-playing exercises, video, learning tools to map issues, interests and stakeholders, small group activities, lectures and the use of relevant case studies. These trainings help clients to better address their challenges and deal more constructively with conflict. Trainings also help our clients understand how to meet mutual interests with counterparts, key for reaching effective and sustainable agreements.

Examples of our Training & Course Development Services


Designed and delivered workshops on
agreement making in the extractive
industries for Mongolian


Designed and delivered training on
grievance mechanisms and company
-community mediation processes in
fragile environments at an
international summer academy


Collaborated on development and pilot
of a multi-stakeholder dialogue
training model curriculum to improve
interactions between companies,
communities and governments