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Have a more effective conversation

About our Facilitation Services

As experienced facilitators, we lead and manage discussions with parties on issues that affect their lives, work and communities. We help our clients engage in constructive dialogue, enabling organizations to problem-solve, manage conflict, plan strategy, make decisions and determine a path forward.

When there are several people involved in making decisions, especially if they don’t know each other or they disagree, it can be difficult for talking, listening and deciding to be constructive. As third parties who are objective, we assist our clients in managing the conversation. We help groups work more effectively, supporting participants in working constructively and creatively using a range of tools. We have facilitated for government agencies, Indigenous organizations, sport organizations, NGOs, companies, parliamentarians and universities, including multi-party policy dialogues.

We work to ensure active participation of all parties, identifying issues, interests and options to create shared value.

Our facilitators:

  • Customize a dialogue or meeting by working with the parties ahead of the discussion to develop an effective process
  • Manage dialogue and meeting proceedings, focusing on the parties’ key issues and goals
  • Use procedures to ensure discussions are effective
  • Help groups highlight areas of consensus and identify options
  • Help prevent or resolve disputes, while improving the capacity of the group to address disputes constructively
  • Ensure all parties have equal access to information, which is accessible and practical to use
  • Work with parties outside of group meetings to keep up momentum and progress

Examples of our Facilitation Services


Organized and Co-facilitated a multi
party collaborative process for
RESOLVE, addressing global implications
from the 2014 mine tailings pond
collapse at Mt. Polley


Convened and co-facilitated a series of
policy dialogues to produce a policy
report on management of a natural
resource wealth fund in the
Northwest Territories


Developed & facilitated a
national young women’s leadership
development training program