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Helping to bridge differences

About our Mediation Services

We are qualified mediators with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada. Using the mutual gains approach, including joint fact-finding and other powerful collaboration tools, we help parties to bridge differences, better navigating through disputes and conflicts.

We specialize in sustainable development, natural resource challenges, public policy and company-community engagement. We aim to help parties address public disputes more constructively, improving relationships and building trust.

Our mediators work with parties to:

  • Act as an objective third party that all actors can talk to
  • Design and facilitate a process that all parties help to shape
  • Use joint fact finding to foster shared understanding of facts and technical information, and support learning
  • Use shared understanding of facts to generate new options for moving forward
  • Develop respectful relationships
  • Craft clear agreements that include implementation and follow through

Examples of our Mediation Services


Provided mediation services for civil disputes
and small business disputes in British Columbia


Mediation and Arbitration Services to
Canadian Sport Organizations