Research & Participatory Evaluation Projects

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Participatory evaluation of a Northwest Territories & Nunavut education curriculum module

About the Project

Monitored and evaluated the extent to which high school materials on the difficult history of colonialism and residential schools in Canada nurtured critical thinking and civic engagement amongst students.

Responsibilities included: Research design, adapting and designing survey tools, coordinating and facilitating 200 research participants across 8 regions, analyzing data and mobilizing findings with a variety of stakeholders, including advising senior government decision makers.

Outcomes of the project:

  • Findings were used to modify and produce the 10 year teaching resource, “The Residential School System in Canada: Understanding the Past, Seeking Reconciliation, Building Hope for Tomorrow,” which is currently in use for all grade ten students in the NWT and Nunavut.
  • The work of NWT and Nunavut on developing and implementing mandatory modules on residential schools and the history of colonization in secondary schools, and their efforts to track the progress were readily shared with other jurisdictions in Canada, shaping approaches to curriculum development on this topic.

Project Information

Client Name: Education, Culture & Employment, Government of the Northwest Territories

Date: 2012-2014