Stakeholder Engagement & Grievance Mechanism Design

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Fostering engagement on all sides

About our Stakeholder Engagement & Grievance Mechanism System Design Services

Stakeholder Engagement:

Is your organization looking for a solid method of managing issues, and engaging communities affected by projects? Do you need a deeper analysis of the issues and interests of communities and stakeholders?

As part of a government agency or company, organizations have increasing responsibility for finding ways to meaningfully engage communities and stakeholders on issues that matter to them. When it comes to these issues, people want to be informed, consulted, have an opportunity to discuss their needs and concerns. They expect that their suggestions and advice will be incorporated into decisions and operations. It’s important to consult at several key moments:

  • Identifying and assessing actual and potential impacts of the project
  • Tracking the organization’s efforts to prevent and manage impacts
  • Designing effective grievance mechanisms and remediation processes

To help companies and organizations meet these responsibilities, we provide a professional method based on the Mutual Gains Approach:

  • Identifies affected people and communities, in addition to other stakeholders –  using mapping tools
  • Defines relevant issues, using an issue matrix
  • Promotes genuine and direct participation of affected communities and other stakeholders
  • Helps to clarify issues, identify questions, address underlying interests, explore options, and make decisions
  • Produces records of engagement meetings, including meeting summaries and action items

Thoughtful and thorough engagement reduces the risk of surprises, giving your organization a foundation to make transparent decisions that both reduce risk and promote public trust.

Grievance Mechanism Design:

Is your organization aiming to design a grievance mechanism to transparently and effectively address complaints from affected community members? Designing a mechanism is also a key moment for consultation and engagement with affected communities and stakeholders.

We have worked on the design of grievance handling systems. Our design work is built on thorough assessments of existing components of an organization’s dispute handling system. We see it as a priority to also engage users of a grievance mechanism, or complaints handling process, in its design. Assessments inform the issues that must be addressed in the design of a grievance mechanism for an organization.

Examples of Stakeholder Engagement & Grievance Mechanism System Design Services


Engaging Corporate Stakeholders on
the Design of a Dispute Resolution